The Center for Dynamical Biomarkers (DBIOM) at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a major teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, is focusing on fundamental theory and novel computational algorithms for characterizing physiological states in terms of their dynamical properties. These Dynamical Biomarkers may provide more sensitive and accurate assessments of physiological states than conventional biomarkers.  




Recent Publications

Causal decomposition in the mutual causation system
Albert C Yang, CK Peng
  • Yang, A. C., Peng, C. K., & Huang, N. E. (2018). ...
Tai Chi for Reducing Dual-task Gait Variability, a Potential Mediator of Fall Risk in Parkinson’s Disease: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial
Brian Gow
  • Vergara-Diaz, G., Osypiuk, K., Hausdorff, J. M., Bonato, P., Gow, B. J., Miranda, J. G., ... & Thomas, C. A. (2018). ...
A Multidisciplinary Integrative Medicine Team in the Treatment of Chronic Low-Back Pain: An Observational Comparative Effectiveness Study
Brian Gow
  • Wayne, P. M., Eisenberg, D. M., Osypiuk, K., Gow, B. J., Witt, C. M., Davis, R. B., & Buring, J. E. (2018). ...
Nonlinear dynamical analysis of sleep electroencephalography using fractal and entropy approaches
Yan Ma, Albert C Yang, CK Peng
  • Ma, Y., Shi, W., Peng, C. K., & Yang, A. C. (2018). ...
Functional brain lateralization in schizophrenia based on the variability of resting-state fMRI signal
Albert C Yang, CK Peng
  • Xie, W., Peng, C. K., Huang, C. C., Lin, C. P., Tsai, S. J., & Yang, A. C. (2018). ...
A Strategy to Reduce Bias of Entropy Estimates in Resting-State fMRI Signals
Albert C Yang, CK Peng
  • Yang, A., Tsai, S. J., Lin, C. P., & Peng, C. K. (2018)....