Traineeship Seminars


 Here you can find some seminar videos for our visiting scholars and students from Taiwan and China.

Three introductory lectures on Complexity and Dynamical Biomarkers.

Part I  (YouTube link and YouKu link)

Part II  (YouTube link and YouKu link)

Part III  (YouTube link and YouKu link)

Reference materials:
An introductory essay by Prof. CK Peng
Theory and Approaches of Complex Systems in Medicine (in Chinese)

Please watch this inspirational TED talk:
How great leaders inspire action
so you will understand what "golden circle” stands for.

Another interesting topic that was covered in this seminar series is the ubiquitous inverted-U phenomena in nature, namely, a “state” is optimized in the middle of two opposite extreme conditions. Here are some good TED talks about this phenomena in different area:

The paradox of choice
About freedom of choice and happiness.

Here are two talks about “procrastination” (拖延/拖拖拉拉), which does not seem to be a good habit to have, but after you watch the 2nd talk, you will see that there is also an inverted-U behavior:
Inside the mind of a master procrastinator
The surprising habits of original thinkers

Information-based Similarity (IBS) analysis is an algorithm developed by our group. Here is a tutorial about the physical meaning behind this algorithm:

YouTube link and YouKu link


You can find the detailed description and the source code of the algorithm on Physionet.

Article about the theoretical background of IBS.

Application to heart rate time series.

Application to authorship disputes (for example, Shakespeare's plays)

Application to DNA sequences.

A presentation about Disruptive Innovations in Healthcare:

YouTube link and YouKu link

Here is an Introduction to Sleep: Quantitative Classification of Sleep State

YouTube link (Part 1)

YouTube link (Part 2)